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Guest information

Dress Code

Members and their guests are required to respect the club’s dress code requirements and maintain a level of dress to commensurate with a private golf club. Proper golf course attire shall be considered the minimum standard of dress, except where noted, while on club property. Members are responsible for ensuring that guests are in full compliance with the Club’s dress code requirements. To assist with the interpretation of the dress code, members and guests are required to observe the requirements as laid out below and in the rules of the clubhouse and golf course or contact the appropriate club staff in advance of their arrival to clarify any inquiry. Any member or guest who does not meet the dress code minimum standard will be refused service.

Items not acceptable on club property:

• Exercise and fitness clothing, except when using the fitness room
• Sweatpants and sweatsuits
• Tennis shorts, short shorts, cut-offs and beach wear
• Shorts below the knee, short skirts and/or dresses
• Pants or shorts with external “patch” pockets (eg. “cargo” pants or “cargo” shorts)
• T-shirts and any casual wear in the style of v-neck, halter tops, tube tops, racer-back tops, crop tops and midriff revealing clothing
• Clothing bearing logos, emblems, slogans, numbers and illustrations with the exception of golf wear with subtle displays of company logos and emblems
• Worn out, torn, or stained clothing
• Hats and caps with peaks worn backwards
• Plastic beach/pool footwear
• Branded or graphic face masks are not permitted with the exception of those with medical requirements or during periods where health authorities are recommending masks for safety reasons

Dress Code – Clubhouse:

• Denim is permitted as acceptable attire in the clubhouse. Denim must be in good repair and without rips or tears, frayed ends or holes, tattered or dirty and must fit appropriately. Acceptable denim does not include overalls, painter pants or those that are extremely low cut.
• Golf course attire remains acceptable attire anywhere at the club.
• For men, shirts must be tucked into the waistband with the exception of shirts designed to be worn outside the waistband. V-neck and collared sweaters are permitted when worn with a collared shirt or crewneck shirt underneath.
• Hats, caps, and visors are not permitted to be worn inside the clubhouse but they may be worn on the clubhouse decks. Inside the clubhouse, women are permitted to wear fashion hats only.
• Men may wear leather sandals, deck shoes and slip-on loafers without socks. With all other footwear, socks are required.
• Flip flops are only permitted in the bar, lounge and patios. Plastic beach/pool footwear is not permitted.
• Golf shoes are not permitted on the upper floor of the clubbhouse.
• Shoes must be worn at all times.
• Only golf branded hooded garments are permitted. Hoods should not be drawn at any time.

Dress Code – Golf Course:

Junior golfers are expected to observe all of the dress code rules as they pertain to each gender:


• Tailored golf slacks, plus fours, Bermuda length shorts and golf shorts
• Shorts must be no more than 6″ above the knee
• Collared golf shirts with sleeves, golf mock neck or turtleneck shirts
• Shirts must be tucked into waistbands
• Golf shoes with socks are required. When wearing shorts, socks must be no more than 2″ above the shoe, or knee high
• Only golf branded hooded garments are permitted—hoods should not be drawn at any time


• Tailored golf slacks, Capri-style pants, golf shorts, golf skirts and golf dresses
• Shorts, skirts and dresses must be no more than mid-thigh above the knee
• Appropriate crew neck tops with sleeves
• Appropriate sleeveless tops with collars or mock neck
• Golf shirts designed specifically to be worn outside the pants
• Golf shoes with socks are required. When wearing shorts, skirts and dresses, socks must be no more than 2″ above the shoe or knee high
• Only golf branded hooded garments are permitted—hoods should not be drawn at any time

Wireless Devices

While on the club property, the use of a wireless device for verbal communication is permitted outside the clubhouse: in the parking lot, business office and private spaces within the club (with the exception of doctors and judges on call). The use of a wireless device for verbal communication is not permitted on the golf course, practice facilities, driving range and short game practice area.

All wireless devices must be switched to silent mode, vibrate mode or off. The use of wireless devices interferes with the relaxing atmosphere of the clubhouse and the game of golf. While having all wireless devices turned off is preferable, if it is necessary to use a wireless device for texting purposes, please be considerate and respect your fellow members.

Wireless devices shall include any device that connects wirelessly to another device or network and omits sound.


The use of laptop and tablet style computers, in silent mode, will be permitted for personal use in common areas of the clubhouse until 6:00 pm. Laptop or tablet style computers will not be permitted, at any time, in the dining room unless authorized by club management. When using a laptop or tablet style computer, please be considerate and respect your fellow members.

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